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TideWise, USV, embarcação autônoma, survey, levantamento hidrográfico, batimetria, drone, rov, inspeção de ativo offshore, monitoramento ambiental


24/7 operations, with up to 11 days of autonomy and validated in an offshore environment and compatible with the main sensors and USBL communication systems on the market

Our uncrewed vessels can collect data in an offshore environment, communicating with underwater sensors installed on the seabed. By integrating transceivers into our vessels and using the satellite communication system, we are able to carry out operations practically anywhere in the world from control stations installed on land.

The USV Tupan has the capacity to carry equipment to monitor underwater assets and seafloor subsidence. Using USBL (Ultra Short BaseLine) technology, our USV is able to establish communication with AUVs, ROVs and other devices to determine their relative position and transmit data, for example. For communication with devices that inform the absolute position of the sensors, monitoring the movement of the seabed, we use LBL technology, to perform the calibration in the commissioning phase and the monitoring in the operation and decommissioning phases.

TideWise provides the offshore industry with a safer, more efficient and cost-effective alternative, in addition to admitting operational windows considered unsafe for manned vessels. Our USV is capable of operating up to Sea State 5 (on the Beaufort scale), has a redundant communication system (links: WiFi, 5G, COFDM and Satellite) and does not require any crew on board. This allows operators of offshore assets to meet safety requirements without negatively impacting operating costs.

Our services:

Transport of small loads

Transport of small loads between the port and vessels, or between vessels, long distances apart, using USV docking berths and drones embarked on the USV.

Route guidance

Use of USV as a guide for safe routes in port access channels, and in river operations, with the support of drones acting as
virtual buoys.

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