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Asset inspection

Completely uncrewed inspection services involving USVs, UAVs, ROVs, or combinations of these vehicles

Uncrewed maritime systems can perform the offshore asset inspections in a much more economical, safe and efficient way.

In terms of values, for example, our technology reduces the cost of this type of operation by approximately 70% compared to conventional methods.

We offer services of:

  • Timely inspection and monitoring of assets, such as platforms and offshore wind farms;

  • Operation & Maintenance cycle inspections;

  • On-demand inspections after storms or other disasters.

We recently carried out, under contract with the Elia Group, the inspection of an Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea using a robotic system composed of the integration of a drone to our USV Tupan. In an operation never performed before and successfully completed, we demonstrated the robustness of our system and qualified our operational procedures with European entities.


Our services:

Dock infrastructure inspection

Inspection of submerged dock areas, using ROV.

UXO up to 100m

Identify the presence of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) or items relating to military activity which may inform the possible local presence of unexploded ordnance.

Pipeline or cable inspection

Inspection of submarine pipelines and cables on seabed, using ROV.

Hull and propeller inspection

Inspection of the hull and propellers of vessels at anchor, using ROV.

Navigation marks inspection

Inspection of the mooring of signaling buoys, using ROV.

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