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TideWise, USV, embarcação autônoma, survey, levantamento hidrográfico, batimetria, drone, rov, inspeção de ativo offshore, monitoramento ambiental


USV Suppressor - MCM setup (1).png

TideWise is developing, in partnership with EMGEPRON, a multi-mission vessel capable of performing surveillance and monitoring services in Brazilian waters - in addition to monitoring and neutralizing sea mines.

The USV Suppressor is a multipurpose unmanned vessel model developed in partnership with EMGEPRON (Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais) of the Brazilian Navy. With approximately 11.5 meters in length, 3.6 meters in breadth and compatibility with the main equipment used for maritime mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, the USV Suppressor is a state-of-the-art defense solution capable of carrying out missions in the most hostile environments.

The vessel's design also pays attention to strategic mobility requirements, essential for its optimized operation by the Armed Forces. The USV is compatible for land transport via road and rail trailers (in a model commonly used by the Marine Corps), by cargo aircraft (such as the Embraer KC-390) and LPD-type ships (such as the NDM Bahia), which can operate as control ships or motherships. Packed in a 20-foot container, the USV Suppressor's control system will allow for operation from future Tamandaré-class frigates.

The operational concept of the vessel presents itself both as an independent asset and as a force multiplier, enhancing the capacity of other means and reducing human exposure to risks and operating costs. The USV will also allow for an increase in efficiency, persistence and, consequently, optimize the area of ​​operation per operation.​

Scheduled for launch in 2025, the project will consolidate Brazilian maritime technology among the most technologically advanced in the world.

See more about the vessel by clicking here.


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