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About us

TideWise is a Brazilian company founded in 2019 that offers sotutions to the maritime industry using smart robots 

We develop, integrate and operate intelligent robotic systems to solve the demands of the naval industry, whether in a river, port or maritime context. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a safer and more sustainable industry by aligning technology with increasing safety, reliability and significantly reducing the environmental impact and costs of maritime operations.

Between 2019 and 2020 we designed and built the USV Tupan, the first uncrewed
vessel to be registered with the Brazilian Navy. The USV Tupan is an autonomous multipurpose vessel approximately five meters long, made of aluminum and with diesel-electric propulsion. Integrating high engineering attributes with robustness for the heaviest jobs at sea, she has been operating since 2020 and has already provided services to large companies such as Petrobras, Repsol Sinopec Brasil and Shell, in Brazil, and to the European electrical distribution company Elia Group, in Belgium. To date, TideWise has invested more than BRL 30,000,000.00 in research and development of new products and services.

Our uncrewed solutions eliminate the risks to human life inherent in navigation operations (especially in an offshore environment), in addition to offering a lower operating cost (OPEX) compared to crewed solutions, as they are optimized for specific payloads and do not require dedicated areas the comfort and safety of the crew.

We constantly seek innovation and break paradigms, evolving our proprietary technology to provide customized solutions for the marine industry.


We are part of the select group of startups at Cubo Itaú, the main innovation hub in Latin America.

tidewise, time, equipe, software, hardware, design, administrativo, comunicação, marketing, embarcação autônoma, usv, lidar, batimetria, levantamento hidrográfico

Tidewise's team at Belgium, in 2022.

tidewise, time, equipe, software, hardware, design, administrativo, comunicação, marketing, embarcação autônoma, usv, lidar, batimetria, levantamento hidrográfico

Rafael Coelho and Sylvain Joyeux, TideWise's founders.

USV TUPAN, usv, embarcação autônoma,

USV Tupan integrated to a Drone,

during demonstration at Rio Oil & Gas 2022

TideWise timeline

May 2019

TideWise is founded

Foundation of the company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

August 2020

Launch of the USV Tupan

Launch of the first uncrewed vessel registered in Brazil, inspected and registered with the Port Authority of Rio de Janeiro.

TideWise was founded by two passionate technology enthusiasts

ft rafa-01.png
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Naval Architect with 11 years of experience in the development of USVs. He has designed and built over 60 USVs worldwide for companies and navies. A navigator since he was 3 years old, he has sailed more than 30,000 miles offshore. He received the "Friend of the Brazilian Navy" medal in 2021.

Sylvain Joyeux, CTO TideWise
  • LinkedIn

Software engineer with strong experience in systems integration and long-term autonomy. For 15 years he has been successfully delivering marine application robots, leading projects at DFKI (Germany), at SENAI CIMATEC and currently at TideWise.

We are committed to
UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are in the Decade of the Oceans, a period established by the United Nations to strengthen the management of our seas and coastal zones for the benefit of humanity. At TideWise, we seek to make maritime operations increasingly sustainable, which is why we take measures and create solutions that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals idealized by the UN with a focus on the conservation of our area of operation. The SDGs are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment and climate, and ensure that people everywhere enjoy peace and prosperity.

We constantly reaffirm our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, guiding our actions in line especially with the following objectives:

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