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TideWise has participated in the 2nd Workshop on the use of autonomous vessels promoted by EuroSea

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

TideWise, a Brazilian company specialized in the development and operation of unmanned maritime systems, was invited to participate in the 2nd Workshop on Autonomous Vessels, in Spain. The event is part of the EuroSea project and is organized by the renowned Ocean Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), bringing together the main world players in the sector. TideWise stands out at the event as a reference in the development and operation of USVs in the South Atlantic at the meeting.

According to the CEO of TideWise, Rafael Coelho, “being invited by PLOCAN to participate in an event on autonomous vessels is one of the proofs that we are a world-wide important player in this segment. It will be a valuable space to contribute to discussions on the future of the industry, share best practices and regulatory approaches carried out locally. In addition, we will reaffirm our commitment to innovation and offering solutions that make a difference in the market”.

PLOCAN is a multidisciplinary center whose purpose is to accelerate the development of technologies and knowledge for the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans. Located in the Canary Islands, the institution offers a complete onshore and offshore infrastructure for research in the fields of maritime sciences and technologies. The entire initiative is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Blue Growth Strategy established by the European Union.

The EuroSea consortium is made up of scientific institutions and private entities from 13 European countries, Brazil and Canada. In addition, intergovernmental organizations and networks such as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission Intergovernmental Organization (IOC-UNESCO), the European Marine Board (EMB) and the European part of the Global Ocean Observation System ( EuroGOOS) are supporting the project.

The event will bring together large companies and institutions from around the world that develop and use autonomous vessels in their operations to discuss how this technology can be useful for the conservation and future of the oceans. TideWise will have an exclusive panel to present the company, the technology developed and Brazil's positioning in the segment. The seminar will last two days and will be used to align best practices on the use of USVs, in addition to enabling advances in the regulation of the use of these vessels at national and international levels.

“The regulation of the use of autonomous vessels is a process that is in great development worldwide. Here in Brazil, we work directly with the Brazilian Navy to support this process of understanding and implementing regulations. We are also part of the MASS CG group of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that has been building standards for the use of USVs globally,” explains TideWise CEO Rafael Coelho.

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