USV Tupan

Designed and built in Brazil

USV Tupan is an autonomous multi-purpose vessel designed and built in Brazil to operate in an offshore environment. Manufactured in aluminum and designed according to the MASS Rev3 guideline.

The vessel is propelled by two propellers driven by electric motors. Electricity is provided by a diesel generator. The steering system consists of two rudders. This system ensures redundancy of governance, greater efficiency and excellent control in all operating speed ranges.

Embarcação USV Tupan.

The equipment installed for customer's data collection (payload) has a dedicated rack, mechanically protected against vibrations.


The stabilized camera used for port services (such as surveillance) will be installed on deck. The stabilization of the camera ensures that the capture of the images has sufficient clarity and resolution to read the data both by trained inspectors and WiseControl™, TideWise's control software.

USV Tupan test in august 2020

USV Tupan test in august 2020

USV Tupan test in august 2020

USV Tupan test in august 2020

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