USV Tupan can be integrated with a full suite of sensors for the collection of environmental data, such as:


  • Measurement  of air and water quality

  • water sampling and real-time water quality monitoring according to a pre-set route or area to cover.

  • direction and speed of the wind and ocean currents

  • CO2

  • wave amplitude.


It can also be integrated into an unmanned aerial vehicle, generating an autonomous system capable of detecting oil on the sea surface. The integrated system uses visual data to identify the presence of oil spills and also collects meteoceanographic data to feed an oil dispersion model.


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Repair or monitoring operations in highly dangerous environments, in hostile climates or in sensitive marine environments (river estuaries, mangroves, reefs) can be carried out in a fast and safe way with the use of autonomous vessels operated remotely.


TideWise is also developing an Environmental Package that allows:


  • detect oil spill

  • analyze the amount of oil spilled

  • contain and collect oil


All these steps will be carried out with an autonomous and remotely operated vessel, which guarantees a quick response, minimizing the environmental impact, reducing project costs and reducing human errors, which are responsible for 75% to 96% of accidents.


USV Tupan can perform bathymetry services, collect environmental data, assist in offshore construction, detect, monitor and collect oil spills, measure water quality and perform port services.




USV Tupan can operate in adverse weather conditions and in varied aquatic environments. It can perform multiple missions in a single trip, as it has the capacity to load several sensors..



As there is no crew on board, the hydrographic survey can be carried out in places of difficult access, in a hostile climate or in sensitive marine environments. 

Lower Cost

Using the USV Tupan saves a great deal on labor and fuel costs, as well as employee expenses, as there is no need for crew on board.



USV Tupan consumes less fuel and is easier to transport than a conventional vessel. Because it has no crew, it can operate longer.

Data Quality

USV Tupan can fulfill a route and replicate the path with greater precision. It has a stabilizing system that improves sonar performance, contributing to data quality.



Communication is made for up to 18km by radio link, 4G or satellite, and allows the operator to see accurate data results in real time.

Other applications

Construção Offshore

Ports, Energy and Offshore

Serviços Portuários

Surveillance and Security

Environmental Solutions

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